To cure, jell, embose or fix printed or dyed fabric, paper, leather and metal etc.

Continue Curing Machines(IR Dryer)
It is suitable to laminate foam with woven, non woven, knitted, natural or synthetic fabrics, paper, leather or foil etc.
  • Elecrically or gas heated.
  • PTFE coated fiberglass or stainless steel conveyor belting.
Conveyor sizes available :
Width 24, 30, 36, 48 & 60 Inches.
Length 12, 17, 22, 28 feet

Specially designed to CURE Screen printed or dyed fabrics, paper, leather (synthetic/natural) to strengthen or affix the colors, pigments, dyes or links by heat treatment.

The Conveyor belt passes the curing material continuously through the chamber (tunnel) at required temperature & speed where the drying, jelling, polymerizing or embossing process takes place.

Either stainless steel or PTFE (Teflon) coated glass fiber conveyor belting driven through variable speed, D.C. Drive system which can be adjusted up to 30 meters per minutes (max.)

Electrically heated for instant and even heating. Temperature is maintained by hot air circulation and controlled by micro processor based digital temperature controllers. The chamber is insulated with rock wool slabs to minimized the thermal loss

# Owing to the dynamic nature of product design. The information and specification contained in this website may vary.
# Customer specific sizes also available on request.